Sweet ‘n Natural Stevia Powder (best for cooking)

Sweet ‘n Natural Stevia Powder (best for cooking)

UPC: 076635400201
Size: 9.73 oz.


Superior Source Sweet ‘n Natural Stevia Extract is a naturally sweet dietary supplement used for both hot and cold beverages. The glycosides from the stevia leaf, called steviosides, are an amazing 200 times sweeter than sugar. Studies have shown that steviosides, may support healthy heart function, help to protect the teeth from dental caries and promote healthy blood glucose levels. Sweet ‘n Natural Stevia extract is manufactured to exacting specifications by Superior Source that include the use of the finest raw materials and a unique blending and manufacturing process to produce the smoothest tasting stevia available with no aftertaste.*


Use as an herbal dietary supplement, 1/3 level teaspoon tastes like 1 level teaspoon of sugar. Sprinkle on food or stir into beverage, vary amount to suit taste.