Yes, no ingredients in our products are GMO.

Because of a special process which allows the tablet to dissolve so fast, they are soft and easy to crumble. We add extra tablets to each bottle to allow for this.
Many doctors recommend using our product between injections. We feel our NO SHOT B-12 is the next best approach to an injection for effective absorption
Methylcobalamin is a type of Vitamin B-12 that is already in the activated form (ready to be used by the body). Vitamin B-12 comes in several kinds including methyl-, cyano-, and adenosyl-, but only the methyl form is used in the central nervous system. Cyanocobalamin (the common type found in most vitamin supplements) is converted by the liver into methylcobalamin – the methylcobalamin B-12 does not need to be converted by the liver. A small percentage of people have a problem with their liver’s ability to convert B-12 from the cyano form to the methyl form – for these people the methylcobalamin form is essential.
All our products are vegetarian and not vegan as they contain a small amount of lactose.
Red is the natural color of Vitamin B-12. And our MicroLingual® vitamins have no binders, fillers or coatings which dilute or cover up the natural red color.
None of these ingredients or allergens are in any of our products with the exception of Vitamin K2 (Mk-7), which is derived from fermented soy natto, and our vitamin C (Tangy Orange and Sour Cherry Melts) Which are derived from corn.

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“I received my free B12 in two days and I never had anything like it. Has really helped with some discomforts of fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. I am now a customer for life.”